Former School Teacher Discovers Cure for Post Television Syndrome!

I was determined to rid my children of this ill behavior, so I started collecting ideas of things to do with them. I wanted to get beyond playing Guess Who? and baking peanut butter cookies. I had so much going on in my two-sided world (business vs. family life) I was unable to focus long enough to tap into my creativity. I was looking for a quick and easy solution. I needed a list, a gentle reminder to get me going in the right direction.

Within a week’s time, I had transformed myself from a frazzled mom into a publisher. Great! I needed an identity and a name for my new business. So I asked myself, what exactly was my mission statement?

I search the biggest dictionary I could find. I remember the moment. The pages opened and my eyes stopped on the word COWCATCHER. I read the definition and had to pause. Here’s the definition: COWCATCHER (n.) a metal frame on the front end of a locomotive for pushing aside cattle or other obstacles. Hmmm. I remove obstacles. Hence, the name of my business, COWCATCHER Publications (and Presentations because I am also a public speaker).

The idea was to introduce a simple checklist designed to rev up imaginations, rekindle relationships, and help create stronger bonds between parents and their children. I wanted to combat boredom and eliminate Post Television Syndrome in my family, but I unknowingly uncovered a huge need.

As a postscript, my three children have grown up and are now flourishing as young adults. My interests have expanded. I’m determined to help families play more often and capture their everyday moments. I believe it’s vitally important to create a family legacy, one that promotes togetherness.