This Book Should Be In Every Home

Experts are calling this newly released book an essential blueprint for building strong families.

“201 Things To Do When Children Say I’M BORED! gives parents tools to build their child’s self-esteem, creativity, and relationship potential. I highly recommend using this book as a way to help the whole family stay connected and realize the fun in playing together, and here’s why. 201 Things to Do…can help parents build strong healthy relationships through activities that focus on sharing, teamwork, and laughter. I look forward to sharing this wonderful book with many families."
Lynette Wiest, Effective Solutions, Hilton Head, South Carolina


This User-Friendly Resource Wasn’t Available Until Now

This revised updated edition of 201 Things To Do When… is far superior to its earlier form. First of all, you can download the pages, print them as you go along, and fill them out at your convenience. Or, you can order a hard copy and be done with it.

Digital or hard copy, or both! It’s your choice.


Former School Teacher Discovers Cure for Post Television Syndrome!

I was determined to rid my children of this ill behavior, so I started collecting ideas of things to do with them. I wanted to get beyond playing Guess Who? and baking peanut butter cookies. I had so much going on in my two-sided world (business vs. family life) I was unable to focus long enough to tap into my creativity. I was looking for a quick and easy solution. I needed a list, a gentle reminder to get me going in the right direction.

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